Microsoft AX (ERP) is one of the most popular ERPs, a lot of AX Customers wanted to host their AX workload on Windows Azure as a secondary sites (DR).

I’ve installed Microsoft AX on Windows Azure multiple times at multiple customer sites and here are how you should think about it:

  1. The environment architecture should include at least the following machines:
    • SQL Server VM
    • AoS VM
    • Application VM
    • Client VM
    • Remote Apps VM for remote access
    • Active Directory VM
  2. You need to plan for your virtual network on Windows Azure to connect all your machines together within the same network.
  3. You need to configure the Remote Apps on its VM using the express installation option, to be able to share the client app of AX with your employees.

steps to follow to install Ax:

  1. Create your virtual network on Windows Azure with your sub-nets.
  2. Create your VMs on Windows Azure and follow the AX installation guide.
  3. While creating the VMs associate them with the Virtual network that you created in step 1.
  4. After finishing the normal installation of AX on Windows Azure VMs , start configuring Remote Apps on its VM using the following guide:

please feel free to get back to me for more details that I might include one day if I have time.

enjoy 🙂

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  1. Alessandro Ax says:

    Thanks! I will try your procedure!

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