A lot of customers start by creating their Virtual machines on Windows Azure on any Datacenter they encounter without caring about the latency or the performance and later on they discover that this Datacenter doesn’t provide them with the optimum performance they are looking for so they start looking for a way to move their VMs from one storage account on the source DC to the other storage account on the desired closer DC to their geography and this is a pretty simple process using AzCopy

let’s imagine that you have a virtual machines in this Storage account in West Europe DC and that you want to copy it to another Storage account in North Europe DC which is better for most of the customers located in MEA – here is how you do this:

AzCopy  /sourcekey: /destkey: /S

where you change with the name of the source storage account.

and <sourcecontainer> with the name of the container you need to move.

and to make it easy , you open windows Azure management portal and you navigate to the folder you want to move and then you copy its URL and replace  this “https://<sourceaccount&gt;<sourcecontainer>/ ” with it, and you do the same for the destination URL and you replace the source Key with the any of preshared 512 encryption key you have protecting your storage account and you do the same for the destination key.

Please drop a comment if you can’t do it, also check the blog post attached in this post for more details.

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  1. user says:

    I shouldn’t have to open the azure console in order to do this.. I should be able to do this simply in the UI without having to resort to a Google search

    1. Totally agree with you, Engineering team is looking to improve this service as we speak, please go vote to speed up the process

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