The Errata in Windows HLK/HCK and WLK

It had been many years when the Windows HardwareCompatibility Program and Windows Hardware Certification Program wereintroduced. Basically, partners will run a set of pre-defined test cases fromthe kit like: Windows HLK RCfor Windows 10 — HCK for Windows8.1 — Windows Logo Kit1.6 — However, thepartners who use the kit may find there…


Driver signature consideration for XP and Vista+

HCK8.0 will retire on Nov. 30. But HCK8.1 doesn’t support Vista and XP test, what should I do for XP and Vista driver signature? 1. If the driver package is uniform, refer to the following HCK newsletter: Digital signatures available for legacy operating systems in the new Windows HCK forWindows 8.1 When you successfully complete…

Useful links for HCK

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