The Errata in Windows HLK/HCK and WLK

It had been many years when the Windows Hardware
Compatibility Program and Windows Hardware Certification Program were
introduced. Basically, partners will run a set of pre-defined test cases from
the kit like:

Windows HLK RC
for Windows 10 --

HCK for Windows
8.1 --

Windows Logo Kit
1.6 --

However, the
partners who use the kit may find there are many test cases failed for many
reasons. Especially for those users who run the test kit for the first time.
Beside the normal troubleshooting steps which may be involved to fix the
failure. There are a list of failures which came from the test tool kit itself
or the hardware spec limitation or even the operation system. To unblock
partners from this type of issues, the Windows HLK/HCK and WLK had
published a set of Errata to cover this situation. You may want to know the
details of these Errata so that you can save lots of time to troubleshoot a
test failure.

The Errata of Windows HLK/HCK and WLK includes following

Automatic Errata/Filter
– It is a set of script which can be installed to the DTM Controller and be
applied after the test had been done. The automatic Errata/Filter is able to
change the final test result to PASS if it can be applied. Note that the error
message or failure message are still in the log file, it only changes the final
result. You need to install the latest Errata/Filter package to apply them and
confirm that the final result of a test case is PASS.

Manual Errata
It is a type of Errata which can’t be applied automatically. The steps to
decide if an error or failure can be covered or not may be very long or complicated.
Or the information in the test result is not enough to decide the application
of the Errata. This is a situation in which you may ask Microsoft Support team
to help verify if there is a manual Errata for the specific error. There are
lots of the manual Errata have an auto-triage
which will be installed with the latest Errata/Filter package. The
auto-triage filter will not change the test case to PASS. However, it may
indicate that this is an error which somebody else had encountered before. You
can follow the information or instruction from the auto-triage filter to
troubleshoot a test failure.

Contingency – It is a type of temp Errata which
is approved by Windows Logo team based on the business impact of the issue. The
partners often has a tight schedule and it is impossible to apply a solution in
a very short time. To request a contingency send email to the
alias or other contacts you are provided to request the appropriate forms and



Jungang Bai   

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  1. Gaurav says:

    But What is the solution to pass certain test cases which needs a specific errata….

    can we make a automatic errata for a particular type of error for individual test case.

    Please reply.!!

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