Some Windows 10 versions Network Setup Service will keep the network adapter name when a user updates the network driver.

Symptom:   When a user installs the network adapter driver, the network adapter will be assigned a name based on the device driver INF file. For example, following INF fragment will install the network adapter with a name: “Virtual Ethernet Adapter (NDIS 6.30) Version – 1”   [Standard.NTamd64] …… %NetVMini.DeviceDesc%    = NetVMini.ndi, {b85b7c50-6a01-11d2-b841-00c04fad5171}\NetVMini630 ; Toaster…


Troubleshoot PnP device issue through Debug Trace from PnP Manager

The PnP Manager is a key component of the Windows Kernel.There had been lots of PnP device related issues in the real world. Here weintroduce some basic Debug Traces from the PnP Manager to help narrow down aPnP device issue. These traces required to be enabled before the PnP issue isreproduced, then we can capture…


The Errata in Windows HLK/HCK and WLK

It had been many years when the Windows HardwareCompatibility Program and Windows Hardware Certification Program wereintroduced. Basically, partners will run a set of pre-defined test cases fromthe kit like: Windows HLK RCfor Windows 10 — HCK for Windows8.1 — Windows Logo Kit1.6 — However, thepartners who use the kit may find there…


Decode ETL file generated by Manifest-based ETW Provider from different machine

ETW is a powerful trace method in Windows platform. See following articles about the ETW: Improve Debugging And Performance Tuning With ETW ETW (Event Tracing For Windows) – what it is and useful tools There are hundreds of inbox ETW providers installed. It became a popular method to troubleshoot Windows issues because collecting…


No Guarded Mutex in Win8?

As the MSDN article “Fast Mutexes and Guarded Mutexes” says, Starting with Windows 8, guarded mutexes and fast mutexes are implemented identically. If you check WDK8 header file wdm.h, KGUARDED_MUTEX equals to FAST_MUTEX: typedef struct _FAST_MUTEX {   volatile LONG Count;   PVOID Owner;   ULONG Contention;   KEVENT Event;   ULONG OldIrql;   } FAST_MUTEX, *PFAST_MUTEX, KGUARDED_MUTEX,…


Driver signature consideration for XP and Vista+

HCK8.0 will retire on Nov. 30. But HCK8.1 doesn’t support Vista and XP test, what should I do for XP and Vista driver signature? 1. If the driver package is uniform, refer to the following HCK newsletter: Digital signatures available for legacy operating systems in the new Windows HCK forWindows 8.1 When you successfully complete…


Useful links for WDK

A Hole In My HeadDoron Holan’s musings on drivers and other nibbles and bits Microsoft Windows USB Core Team Blog


Useful links for HCK

Windows Hardware Certification Kit QFE Updates Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) FAQ Windows Hardware Certification Requirements HCK Product Type Test Matrix


How to setup to collect Memory Dump?

A kernel dump gets created every time a machine has a kernel fault. This dump gets stored in the %systemroot% folder as a memory.dmp file.(Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery Settings.) No Full Memory Dumps option? The I/O Manager originally limited the…


How to make a partition on a RAW USB flash disk by programming?

Briefly, here are the steps:1. Use CreateFile to open PhysicalDriveX, that is the USB Flash disk2. IOCTL_DISK_GET_DRIVE_GEOMETRY_EX to get the physical disk’s geometry ( we need some information in it to fill partition data)3. IOCTL_DISK_CREATE_DISK to creates an empty partition.4. IOCTL_DISK_SET_DRIVE_LAYOUT_EX to repartition a disk as specified.Note: use IOCTL_DISK_UPDATE_PROPERTIES to synchronize system view after IOCTL_DISK_CREATE_DISK…