DevOps for Azure Cloud Service

Wanna implement DevOps process on Azure Cloud Service?  I created a document can help you resolve related issues on Cloud Service. I really hope it can help more and more Azure IT Professionals. The download link is HERE.

1. Overview
1.1 What’s DevOps?
1.2 Why Choose Azure Cloud Service?
2. Deploy Web application to Cloud Service
2.1  Create a Cloud Service Project in Visual Studio
2.2  Build deploy package
3. Implement Scale computing on Cloud Service
3.1  Scale computing on Cloud Service
3.2  Planning scale computing under Cloud Service
3.3  Cloud Service scaling settings
4. Implement Staging/Production Switch
4.1  What’s is Staging Environment?
4.2  Switch Staging deployment to Production
5. Monitoring Web Application
5.1 The real time monitoring
5.2 The Diagnostics data
5.3  Configure Cloud Service to output log files
5.4  Collecting log files from Cloud Service
5.5  Add the AzureLogCollector as a VM Extension
5.6  Analysis Cloud Service log files with tools
5.6.1  Retrieve unhandled exceptions from Windows application log
5.6.2  Retrieve the slowest web pages from IIS log
5.6.3  Analysis crash dump by DebugDiag
6. Conclusions

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