7 tips about building smart contract on NEO

Build your own NEO private chain The operation of NEO smart contracts is inseparable from the NEO blockchain support. In most cases, smart contracts need to access the underlying NEO storage services through the NEO blockchain. At the same time, when the smart contract is invoked, it needs to make a valid judgment on the…


Edge Extension: Create a custom Edge extension

Since Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been released, Microsoft Edge has officially support extension feature. In this blog post, I want to share you my experience about creating custom extension for Edge. Objective: Create a custom Edge extension to convert URL to QR code for mobile app sharing. In china everyone has a mobile IM application WeChat (looks…


Is it a security issue on SQL Azure firewall ?

Today I found a terrible fact: Anyone can use Azure PowerShell manipulation SQL Azure firewall without Azure login. Today, I wanted to create a firewall exception by PowerShell and I found this blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/umits/archive/2012/11/20/windows-azure-sql-database-how-to-manage-your-firewall-rules-with-powershell.aspx It works fine. But when PowerShell finished, I realized I never did Add-AzureAccount or Login-AzureAccount before. God, It means anyone who knows…


Something I want to share you about beta version UWP exam

I have already taken the beta version of UWP development exams. They are: 70-354 Universal Windows Platform – App Architecture and UX/UI (beta)  70-355 Universal Windows Platform – App Data, Services, and Coding Patterns (beta) Due to its very less information for prepare examinations, I want to share some key points about these two exams….


The new Visual Studio 2015 extension for Linux Debug

Recently, Microsoft Visual Studio team has released a amazing VC++ extension to support remote debugging Linux application by Visual Studio 2015. Using this extension you will have unified debugging experience on Windows, Linux even Android. By this feature, we can debugging a Linux application looks like debugging native app on Windows. The extension can offer developers Quick/Add Watch, Run…


How fast is Microsoft Edge?

I did some testing between the newest version of Chrome, firefox and Microsoft Edge by Sunspider tool. The Sunspider is a tool focus on testing JavaScript performance for modern web browsers that was created by apple WebKit project. The less time consumption means the faster Web Browser you have. Here is the testing result: Microsoft…


DevOps for Azure Cloud Service

Wanna implement DevOps process on Azure Cloud Service?  I created a document can help you resolve related issues on Cloud Service. I really hope it can help more and more Azure IT Professionals. The download link is HERE. 1. Overview1.1 What’s DevOps?1.2 Why Choose Azure Cloud Service?2. Deploy Web application to Cloud Service2.1  Create a Cloud Service Project in…


The AzureLogCollector extension cannot be deleted?

Recently I got a interesting case when I want to collect log files from a Azure Cloud Service. As you know, I use Set-AzureServiceExtension Cmdlet to enable AzureLogCollector retrieve diagnostics log files from VM instance. For details you can visit: http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2015/03/09/simplifying-virtual-machine-troubleshooting-using-azure-log-collector/ And then I want to disable AzureLogCollector extension after I had got log files from Azure…


A way to retrieve SQL statement from SharePoint native call stack

In some situations of SharePoint slow is caused by SQL SERVER or poor SQL statements. To resolve issue, we usually catch a hang dump and figure out what exactly SharePoint doing at that hanging moment. If the performance issue caused by customized code. There are too much easy way to display SharePoint callstack like !clrstack/!dumpstack…


Migrating IIS 6.0 Web Application to New Version Guidance

The date of ending support Windows Server 2003 is approaching. Recently many customers want to migrate their old web application to new version of Windows Server. There is a significant difference between IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.x and 8.x. Migrate web application to new Windows not only means upgrade Windows but also means migrate web…