SSIS custom component performance tidbit

I was helping a friend of mine to debug performance issue with his SSIS package. The package was pretty simple – he needed to read data, shard it using some partitioning scheme, then insert the results into 8 SQL destinations. The hashing algorithm used for partitioning was rather complex for conditional split, so he created…


Network causing SSIS package startup delays?

This issue is covered pretty well by blogs in the context of SSMS (Dan Jones and Euan Garden) and in the context of SSIS service it has a KB article. But I still see forums posts and private questions that show that not all SSIS users are aware of it or realize that the same issue…


SSIS Backpressure Mechanism

One of the mechanisms that SSIS data flow engine utilizes to achieve high performance is “back pressure”. Let’s consider a simple package with a source and destination. What happens if the source is fast and destination is slow? Say source is huge local raw file and destination is a remote relational database. If we read…


Katmai SSIS data flow task improvements

With first Katmai (SQL Server 2008) CTP out, I think it is time to blog about some performance and scalability improvements in this release. I’ll assume readers are familiar with SSIS data flow performance concepts, if not make sure you’ve read these two articles: The most important concepts for today are:Asynchronous components – components that…


SqlPerf blog on SSIS performance

Runying Mao and Len Wyatt did a great study of SSIS performance, and posted some results: Getting Optimal Performance with Integration Services Lookups OLEDB Source with Views BLOB and buffer temporary storage  SSIS Performance Counters Buffer size adjustments Parallel execution