When April Fools jokes become reality

Couple years ago Charles Petzold wrote about C# Application Markup Language – XML syntax for C#. Go read it if you’ve not seen it yet. Well, it was a fool day’s joke of course (the publishing date at the bottom hints about it). But yesterday, when playing with Windows Workflow Foundation rules, I’ve looked at…


The way NOT to write HTTPS server

Note: posted under rant tag, so you are warned 😉 I’ve just got a new wi-fi router, DIR-655 from DLink. Seems like a nice router, but at least one feature is just plain horrible broken. And it is security feature, which makes me wonder how secure the rest of the code is. The router can…


Does buffer.NextRow() skips the first row in a buffer?

I got a follow up question to my old post regarding enumerating rows in SSIS buffer, that suggested using following code to process rows in custom SSIS transform: while (buffer.NextRow()) {   // do something with the row } Here is the question: buffer.NextRow() moves the pointer forward, so following your code to the letter…


It’s Not Easy Being BI

A very funny post by Matthew Roche, for everybody working in Business Intelligence: http://bi-polar23.blogspot.com/2008/06/it-not-easy-being-bi.html


Lookup multiple rows?

Can SSIS Lookup do what this user wants it to do? I have a problem with a lookup output, I get this warning: The Lookup transformation encountered duplicate reference key values when caching reference data. I know what it is, but I don’t like to avoid this warning, I’d like to get all the rows…


Application termination when user logs off

Do you know how windows terminates all the applications when user logs off? I did not think too much about this, and assumed that it is a normal process – after all the WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_ENDSESSION processing, the application main window closes, posts WM_QUIT and the application quits in a regular way. But a recent…


Configuring .NET for running SSIS packages from custom applications

If you execute SSIS packages from custom applications, you own the application and thus you are responsible for configuring .NET runtime properly to get the maximum performance. .NET configuration is usually performed using .exe.config files, so it is a just matter of providing good config file. How do you know what is good? The simplest way…


Random() is only random if you are using it right

I like the quote “With great power comes great responsibility” when used in regards to .NET – .NET gives one great powers, but use it wisely and know how this stuff works. Recently I saw code (it was written by a guy interviewing to our team) that demonstrated interesting problem with incorrect usage of Random…


SSIS event handler threading

I’ve got an interesting question/statement about event handlers: Tasks fire the same EH at the same time. My understanding is all EHs fire at the same time (Parallel). If I understand the question correctly, the package has an event handler that can handle multiple events, and these events fire at about the same time. What happens? Well, I…