VALVe/Steam horrors

(Update: VALVe has removed the worst recommendations that I described below. I don’t know if my article had any influence on this. They still want to run the Steam as a service though). I originally planned to use this blog for work-related stuff only, but the VALVe drove me mad, so I decided to write this. I…


SQL Server ETL Survey: Win a Zune!

Improve SSIS and win a Zune:


SQL 2008 November CTP is available

Get it from One of the improvements in this build is the ability to persist Lookup reference data and use non-OLEDB sources for Lookup.


Deploying packages

How can one deploy packages programmatically? Here is the original question – Is it possible to deploy a package programmatically? We have an application which has a work flow for approval of object. If the object (ssis package) is approved by the concerned authority it has to be deployed to sql server. How can this…