Trust Services Lab updated

Trust Services Lab has been updated today: The update does not need registration code anymore (ignore “Get Invited” link – it is leftover from previous release and will be removed). Just download SDK, visit the portal to create server, and check the documentation and samples.   Note that if you are using previous release…


Microsoft Codename "Trust Services" Lab at RSA

We have a Trust Services booth at the RSA conference in San Fancisco – good time to come, learn more and see several cool demos.


Microsoft Codename "Trust Services" Lab

I did not post for a long time, was mostly working on internal and not-yet-released projects. But today the project I’ve been working recently has shipped our first Lab: Microsoft Codename “Trust Services” Trust and Security have been hot topics for the public cloud since its inception.  Corporate IT departments and CIOs have repeatedly expressed…


Computer display size calculator

Surprisingly, could not find quick tool to compare various screen sizes and resolutions. It is useful to understand why a modern 14 inch display (with 16:9 ratio) is almost a centimeter shorter vertically than older 12 inch (with 4:3 ratio). So here it is:


PowerPivot beginner journey 3

PowerPivot lesson #3 – if the data can’t be refreshed, it should be in Excel, or copied to PowerPivot. I added zip code data from CSV file by loading to PowerPivot, and discarded the CSV since I did not plan to update it. Bad idea. PowerPivot wants to update all data when you do Refresh…


PowerPivot beginner journey 2

I was exploring the data, and found lots of interesting info from my data set. But I could not find how to join some tables in PowerPivot, and after looking at the source data – it turned out my source data used GUID columns, stored as binary, for row IDs – and PowerPivot silently hid it. I would expect it at least…


Undocumented PowerPivot installation requirement

Trying to use PowerPivot, just found undocumented PowerPivot installation requirement: Excel .NET Programmability Support. If PowerPivot silently fails to load, and in Event Viewer you’ve got an event like below, run Office Setup / Add or Remove Features, then check .NET Programmability Support under Microsoft Excel. Here is the event you might find in event…


Making Asynchronous Programming Easy

Great post by Somasegar about upcoming language support for async programming: I guess soon the idea hack of using C# iterators as poor-man’s language support (that caused me to start this blog :)) will finally be deprecated.


SSIS custom component performance tidbit

I was helping a friend of mine to debug performance issue with his SSIS package. The package was pretty simple – he needed to read data, shard it using some partitioning scheme, then insert the results into 8 SQL destinations. The hashing algorithm used for partitioning was rather complex for conditional split, so he created…