Hi there,


I’m Michel Molongo, development support engineer on Windows Platform for nearly one year at Microsoft EMEA (Customer Service and Support Division). I’ve just created that blog in order to share with you different experience and topics I deal with on my day to day work around Windows. That’s also a great opportunity for me to tell about the not so well known of support engineer among Microsoft.


To put it in a nutshell, my mission is to help developers to solve and understand issues they may face with when they develop application targeting Windows Platform.


Following different kinds of issues you may encounter:

1)      I developed an application to manage my electric train toy in C++ that is using the PC’s serial port. I would like to migrate the application in .NET, I would like to know which class of the .NET Framework can be used? Is it possible to get any code samples and recommendation to do this?


2)      My application uses System.IO.Ports classes from .NET Framework. It crashes when I any attempt to send data on serial COM2 port is made, an unhandled exception is thrown even if I tried to handle exception with Try/Catch block. What causes the problem and how to get rid of it?


3)      My Win32 application that is supposed to run as service works perfectly well with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 but doesn’t seem to work correctly with Windows Vista. Any call to CreateWindow() API returns  ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED. I need help to understand what is happening here and how I can have my application to work on Windows Vista.


4)      My application is based on Framework .NET 3.5, it seems to work properly on my test environment but once in production I noticed that the process’s memory usage was getting higher and higher with utilization. It looks like there is a memory leak somehow, but I am not able to find anything going wrong in my code. After two days the application hangs. How can I determine the root cause of this issue?


You now have an overview of how Support Engineer may help you. I’m actually the first interface between developers outside Microsoft and Windows Product group, from bug discovery to the hotfix delivery.


My team is specialized on a set of Windows Technologies : Active Directory, ADAM/AZMAN/SNMP/RPC, Crypto / Certificates / Security, GINA / Credential providers, MSI, NT Services, PowerShell, Printing, Sockets / TCP / IP Helper, Terminal Services / RDP, User Dumps, Vista / UAC / Upgrade, Win 32 API, WMI, WSUS (Windows Update Service).


I’ll mainly tell you about multiple aspects of developing for Windows whether it is native (C/C++) or managed (C#/VB.NET) code but also issues that I, my colleagues or any other developers frequently face with. You will find here how any of them have been solved and how they could have been avoided.


As a conclusion, you will also find in this blog recommendations and hints about tools you can use as troubleshooting purpose, code samples, information relative to Windows technologies, my job, my team and more generally Microsoft.


I’ll publish the posts in French, English, and maybe soon in Spanish. J


Please feel free to contact me if there are any topics you want to read about in that blog.


I wish you a pleasant reading.





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