SQL Management Studio, TFS Msscci Provider and branching

Recently user has reported problem when using SQL Server Management Studio and TFS. When he branched folder and opened a newly created solution, he kept pending changes on the original projects instead of the branched one. Veterans of source control integration in Visual Studio (2003, 6.0 and others) will probably recognize this problem immediately –…


What to do when history ends with delete, source rename?

As you probably know, one of the biggest changes in the version control part of TFS 2010 was moving from item mode (files and folders are uniquely tracked by itemId) to slot mode (itemId is attached to a slot and renaming file or folder changes its itemId). Matt wrote more about it here. Of course…

TFS Msscci Provider for TFS 2010 Beta2

As Brian mentioned a few weeks ago (http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2009/12/01/tfs-2010-power-tools-are-available.aspx) we have updated our powertools, to work with TFS 2010 beta2. As usual, I was working on the Msscci provider and now I want to finally describe changes made – it can be useful when updating other tools for TFS 2010. It’s also worth reporting new features….