Resolve improvements in Dev10 – Automerge All

We heard that some users are afraid of performing "Automerge All" operation. The thinking here is that TFS (or any) merge engine is not 100% bulletproof. If method foo was added at the beginning of the file in the source branch and at the end of the file at the end of the file, automerge will succeed but build will be broken soon after.

As a way to mitigate this, we allow user to specify what kind of content change should be resolved:

1.     Only conflicts that have content change in the local workspace or in the target branch

2.     Conflicts that have content change in the local workspace/target branch OR on the server/source branch

3.     All conflicts that TFS engine can merge content of (original behavior)

The type of the content change is also included in the conflict description.
Personally I always perform AutoMerge All (2) to rule out all simple conflicts and then resolve other conflicts one by one.

This change is available in CTP2.

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