Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m currently Software Development Engineer in Team Foundation Version Control Client team. I work for Microsoft, on the client-side, on the .NET platform, in USA just for few months (since October 2005). Before I was learning, studying and working in beautify city Poznan, in western Poland. I used to work on the GRID enabled projects, web applications (PHP and few Java frameworks) and mobile tools. As you can see it was quite a change for me (and still is 😉

What I will be blogging about?

A few things. First of all – Msscci provider for Team Foundation Server, my first task in MS. The work on it is really challenging and I hope that it’ll let users of many different IDEs experience the power of TFS. Second – everything that is connected to .net, C#, Visual Studio. Third – who knows, this is a blog, right?

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    Welcome !

  2. kierepka says:

    Serdeczne gratulacje 🙂

    Mam nadzieje, że projekt się uda 🙂

    Przy okazji może zechciałbyś też naskrobać co nie co na stronach


    Mateusz Kierepka

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