Now available: An updated 64-bit print driver for OneNote 2007

Many of you have been trying out the Microsoft OneNote 2010 Beta since its release last week and I hope you’ve been enjoying the test drive. One of the main questions that we’ve repeatedly been asked is whether or not OneNote 2010 has native support for the “Send to OneNote” print driver on 64-bit Windows….


Things to know when running OneNote 2007 on Windows 7

  Today, Windows 7 finally arrives in stores. In my personal opinion, it’s Microsoft’s best-ever operating system. I’m not saying this because I work at Microsoft. I’m saying it because I’ve been personally using and thoroughly testing Windows 7 ever since its early builds were made available. The improvements that Windows 7 offers over its predecessor,…


OneNote is a trial lawyer’s best friend

For as long as I’ve worked on the OneNote team here at Microsoft, I’ve never grown tired of hearing from real-life customers who sometimes take the time to tell us their stories about how technology and Microsoft Office products have changed and improved their lives. This month, it’s my distinct pleasure to introduce Bruce A. Olson, a…


How OneNote 2007 helps ‘Halo’ game developer Bungie

Game developer Bungie is one of the biggest names in the computer and console gaming market. The Kirkland, Washington company has 140 employees and is best known for its trilogy of Halo games, which are among the most successful video game titles ever released. The most recent installment — Halo 3: ODST — currently holds the…


Is “narrow-casting” a good idea for OneNote Help content?

You may remember me first mentioning my colleague Joannie Stangeland back in the spring, when she decided to launch a podcast-style “how-to” video series called A Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Office. At first glance, this might have seemed like a run-of-the-mill video series, but Joannie decided to experiment with what we here in Office call “narrow-casting”…


Head back to class with OneNote

Summer’s nearly over. Students and teachers have begun preparing for their long march back into their classrooms. Over the years, many students and teachers who already rely on OneNote in school have told us that they wish OneNote 2007 were standard issue in every classroom. The word about OneNote’s many benefits in school has traveled fast,…


Gain and share OneNote knowledge on Facebook

Ah, Facebook. You either love it or hate it, right? Well, now there’s another reason to love it. Microsoft OneNote now has its very own fan page on Facebook, which means you now have an easier way to get free tips about your favorite program, share ideas about the ways you use OneNote, and get…


Discover and learn easy time-savers in OneNote 2007

If you’ve used any Windows program for a while, you’re likely to have figured out some of its keyboard shortcuts by now. Keyboard shortcuts are the combinations of special keystrokes that can give you much quicker access to commands than if you were to click through the long trail of menus, toolbars, and other parts of…


Never miss a deadline with OneNote!

The newest episode of the video series A Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Office — created by my colleague Joannie Stangeland and produced by yours truly — is now available. As did her premiere episode, Joannie’s latest video shines the spotlight on OneNote 2007, which she uses together with Outlook 2007 to track writing contests and writing submission deadlines….


A first look at OneNote 2010

If you missed the big Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview announcement last week, you might not have heard about some of the exciting new and improved features that are in store for OneNote 2010. To get a sneak peek at some of these, check out this video, hosted by my colleague Ayça Yuksel:  For those…