Is “narrow-casting” a good idea for OneNote Help content?

You may remember me first mentioning my colleague Joannie Stangeland back in the spring, when she decided to launch a podcast-style “how-to” video series called A Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Office. At first glance, this might have seemed like a run-of-the-mill video series, but Joannie decided to experiment with what we here in Office call “narrow-casting”…


Gain and share OneNote knowledge on Facebook

Ah, Facebook. You either love it or hate it, right? Well, now there’s another reason to love it. Microsoft OneNote now has its very own fan page on Facebook, which means you now have an easier way to get free tips about your favorite program, share ideas about the ways you use OneNote, and get…


Discover and learn easy time-savers in OneNote 2007

If you’ve used any Windows program for a while, you’re likely to have figured out some of its keyboard shortcuts by now. Keyboard shortcuts are the combinations of special keystrokes that can give you much quicker access to commands than if you were to click through the long trail of menus, toolbars, and other parts of…


Never miss a deadline with OneNote!

The newest episode of the video series A Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Office — created by my colleague Joannie Stangeland and produced by yours truly — is now available. As did her premiere episode, Joannie’s latest video shines the spotlight on OneNote 2007, which she uses together with Outlook 2007 to track writing contests and writing submission deadlines….

Download the new “Green Living Ideas” notebook for OneNote

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, I’ve put together a new “Green Living Ideas” notebook for OneNote 2007 that you can download for free. You can use it to list, organize, and keep track of a variety of “green living” ideas, reminders, and opportunities. The notebook contains five suggested sections, all of which you can…