Now available: An updated 64-bit print driver for OneNote 2007

Many of you have been trying out the Microsoft OneNote 2010 Beta since its release last week and I hope you’ve been enjoying the test drive. One of the main questions that we’ve repeatedly been asked is whether or not OneNote 2010 has native support for the “Send to OneNote” print driver on 64-bit Windows….


Things to know when running OneNote 2007 on Windows 7

  Today, Windows 7 finally arrives in stores. In my personal opinion, it’s Microsoft’s best-ever operating system. I’m not saying this because I work at Microsoft. I’m saying it because I’ve been personally using and thoroughly testing Windows 7 ever since its early builds were made available. The improvements that Windows 7 offers over its predecessor,…


A “Send to OneNote 2007” print driver solution for 64-bit Windows

Okay… to be fair to our Marketing folks, the truth is out there:   It’s always been out there. This is what you see printed on the spine label of any Office 2007 retail package that contains OneNote 2007. You can read this label if you happen to hold an actual product box in your…