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Each month, as I go through customer comments and feedback here on my blog and from the articles on the Office Online site, there’s a recurring theme that we on the OneNote team never grow tired of hearing: Our customers really love OneNote. If you count yourself among those of us who can’t live without OneNote, it’s now easier than ever to show your support.

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OneNote Flair

With the Pieces of Flair application on Facebook, you can send a variety of buttons with pictures and logos of your favorites and share them with your friends. When I noticed that OneNote was absent from the selection, I decided to make my own:

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If you’re signed in on Facebook, you can add this button to your corkboard by visiting the following link:

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  1. For months I’ve been trying to solve my writing notebook problem.  I’ve got years worth.  The stack currently goes from the floor to an inch over my head and I’m 5’6".  

    Yesterday, March 24, I called my sales buddy at Dell Computers and explained my delimina and how I’ve tried Excel, Word, Outlook Journal and even LifeJournal to soft my challenge.  None worked.  I’ve been trying to solve this challenge for years now.

    Tyler at Dell suggested OneNote.  But I had already purchased Office 2007 and OneNote didn’t come with it. Then he told me about the free trial.  So I downloaded it yesterday and began watching the videos.  

    Whoa. My assets are torched.  I still have a lot to learn.  And I’m still confused how to get the left, top and right margins organized.  At age 60 it comes a little slower than I’d like nowadays.

    I’m a prolific writer.  I have multiple websites, a blog, and another blog getting ready to give birth.  I watched the writer’s video on poetry and I want more.  I need help.  I’m playing around with it now and can’t seem to get my head totally around everything.  But I’m blown away on the awesome abilities the program has.

    I’m going to order the full version for sure but I’m not in a rush, it will come in the mail, because I have the trial version that will keep me until it arrives.

    Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

    I do need some help though, if anyone can give me some direction.  I’d like to start with keeping track of my material for my abundance blog and my new nonfiction writing blog.  I don’t know how to set it all up.  I’m sure there are a few ways to do it, but I’m lost as to any one way.  My ADD doesn’t help I’m sure.  So if you can tell me how I can get some help (a video, anything), I’d appreciate it.

    I have three books I’m working on and it would be nice to get things in order.  Right now, they are in two large boxes and I have no clue what’s at the bottom any more.

  2. Newt Barrett says:

    I do love OneNote, but am migrating more and more to the web.

    Unless MS delivers a web version, I may have to bid OneNote a sad farewell.

    When can we expect an online version?

    Thanks much,


  3. Eric — thanks for your note. Glad you found the list useful, and thanks for the Facebook tip!

    Catherine — thanks for writing. I’m happy that someone recommended OneNote to you and that you’re checking it out. I’ll get in touch with you offline to recommend some ways for you to get started. Hopefully it’ll be of some use to you.

    Newt — thanks for your note. While I’m not able to specifically comment on any development plans just yet, do have a look at the following Microsoft Press Pass release from the recent Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, where Senior VP Chris Capossela gave a sneak peek at what’s to come:

    Click the two thumbnails on the left side of the page to have a closer look. I hope you like what you see.  😉

  4. Newt Barrett says:


    Sorry, I hadn’t checked back in awhile to see your response.  

    I always figure that Microsoft takes the long view and ultimately delivers solutions that match new realities.

    So, I’m happy to see that you folks won’t be leaving us behind with OneNote.


  5. Hailz says:

    I’ve only just found out about OneNote recently but it has been a lifesaver in planning my wedding and honeymoon!

  6. Bill Klecka says:

    Yes, I love OneNote!  I fell in love with it two years ago when I installed Office 2007 Home and Student edition on my new laptop.  Not only does it help me be more creative, but it provides a convenient place to "print" web pages that I want to save while I’m on the road and away from a printer.

    Recently, I updated my old desktop computer with Windows Vista.  I decided to also update my version of Office to the 2007 Professional editions.  I was surprised and disappointed to discover that the Professional edition does not include OneNote.  Why not???  How do I get a copy of OneNote for my desktop?  Is there a free download somewhere?  Can I install OneNote off of the install disc for my Home and Student edition without losing the extra programs that come with the Professional edition?

  7. Thanks for all your comments, everyone.

    Bill, with regard to your question about the editions of Office that contain OneNote, you should be able to install just OneNote 2007 from your Home & Student edition (do a custom install and select only OneNote to be installed) and then install Office 2007 Professional. You should then have access to all of the programs you want, including OneNote.

    If you’re running into trouble, let me know what specific steps you took and I’ll try to help you sort it out. Let me know how it turns out!

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