Survive the holidays with OneNote

Dealing with the frenzy that is all around us during the holiday season can be a challenge for anyone. Regardless of our diverse, individual backgrounds and beliefs, chances are that most of us have some amount of holiday shopping to do. Even if gift-giving isn’t on your radar, holiday gatherings with family and friends will…


Pssst… Got a favorite OneNote 2007 tip to share?

Since the release of OneNote 2007 earlier this year, “Top Tips for OneNote 2007” has been one of our most popular articles on Office Online. Many of our readers have written to tell us that they like this easy-to-scan format, which lets them learn a few quick tips and tricks about OneNote that they might…


“Office Offline” gives props to OneNote

David Salaguinto, one of my Office Online colleagues and a fellow writer in my workgroup, has just launched his own blog. It’s called Office Offline and features a series of Web comics about technology and information work. Today’s comic is dedicated to OneNote: No marketing brochure could have said it better. 😉  Thanks for helping to…


Best practices for OneNote 2007 still riding high

On her team blog, Content Project Manager Nancy Crowell has just given a ringing endorsement of OneNote 2007: An Executive’s Best Practices — the video demo I recently put together for the Office Online Web site. (To get the backstory about how this demo was created, see my previous entry, “OneNote has friends in high…


Blogging with OneNote

Microsoft Senior Program Manager Janet Galore gives a prominent shout-out to OneNote 2007 in her new Office Hours column, Stir up your best ideas with a group SharePoint blog. The column focuses on tips for using SharePoint to create a sense of community for various teams within an organization. One of Janet’s blogging tips focuses…


OneNote 2007 Webcast: Personal Usage & Collaboration

If you’ve been looking for a well-rounded introduction to OneNote 2007 or have wanted to get a closer look at its many personal productivity and group collaboration features, look no further. Grab a sandwich and spend your lunch break with Mike Tholfsen, Senior Test Manager on the OneNote product team. Mike is the host of our…


Finding OneNote on Office Online

If you own one or more Microsoft Office products, the Office Online Web site is your friend. It serves as a huge (and free) repository of all kinds of information for all of the programs in the Office 2007 product suites. The site also features archived information for older Office programs that are still officially supported by…


Synchronizing voice and video in OneNote

OneNote continues to be a favorite on the new Office Hours site. Yesterday, programming writer Eliot Graff published his new OneNote column, Synchronizing voice and video in OneNote, in which he showcases how to synchronize audio and video clips with written notes. This is one of the key benefits of electronic note-taking in OneNote 2007…


New to OneNote? Get up to speed with a terminology primer

Microsoft Office Online columnist Annik Stahl (a.k.a. The Crabby Office Lady) is a big fan of OneNote. She is currently writing a series of columns to help demystify Office terminology so that end-users have an easier time understanding some of the names and terms that we’ve attached to Office features. In her July column, Crabby…


OneNote has friends in high places

I recently had the very cool opportunity to meet Jeff Raikes, president of the Microsoft Business Division. No, this isn’t some lame attempt at name-dropping. It’s just that when you work in the trenches like I do, meeting a well-respected member of the senior leadership team at a company of our size is kind of neat….