Security-Related MSDN Magazine Articles

Bryan Sullivan and I wrote a couple of articles for this month’s MSDN Magazine. If you’re not aware, November focuses on Security. The two articles are: Test Your Security IQ Threat Models Improve Your Security Process   And there’s the Agile SDL paper than I already mentioned.


Agile SDL

Over the last year or so, a bunch of us in the SDL team have been working with agile groups across Microsoft to help streamline the SDL for agile methods. Bryan Sullivan wrote a paper for MSDN Magazine explaining where our current throughts lie. Clearly this is just the start, we have some more work…


SAFECode releases "Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development" document

Today, SAFECode released an important document entitled, “Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development” aimed at helping software producers create more secure software. The document is unique in that it describes what SAFECode members are doing in practice to raise the security bar; it’s not a theoretical or academic document. I believe the fact that it…