Matt Miller Joins the Security Science Team!

Good news! Matt Miller, author of plenty of cutting-edge security research, including my fave “A Brief History of Exploitation Techniques and Mitigations on Windows” has joined the Security Science team to work on improved ways to find security vulnerabilities and better software defenses through mitigations. Most recently, Matt’s been focused on design review for Windows 7.
Matt brings a massive amount of real-world exploit and defense experience to our team. Learn more about Matt here.

It’s wonderful to see us hiring more talent like Matt.
Welcome, Matt.

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  1. Martina says:

    This is my frist comment for this Matt Miller Joins the Security Science Team for me wish he all the best.

  2. SecGeeks says:

    0 vote Several years ago, the idea of hiring security researchers to work at large software companies was something of a novelty. Vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle Corp., IBM and others took a dim view of this, reasoning that there was no way to know

  3. Nate McFeters says:

    If you guys don’t stop hiring all of the best security researchers I’m going to have to join you or lose the ability to learn from their great work.


  4. ErikC says:

    I think Nate got it right, hire all the best white-hat windows security researchers and give them interesting projects to work on…that way you’re shutting them and they get paid.

    Only the black-hats will be left…o/

  5. Bryan here. Last January, I wrote a post on this blog bemoaning the difficulty of making security interesting

  6. Following close on the heels of security experts Matt Miller , Adam Shostack and Crispin Cowan joining

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