Internet Explorer 8.0 and Data Execution Prevention (DEP/NX)

Eric Lawrence just posted some commentary about IE8 and DEP/NX. As you may know, IE7 supports DEP/NX, but it's disabled by default owing to compatibility issues. Well, DEP/NX is now enabled by default for IE8 when running on Windows Server 2008 and Window Vista SP1 and later 🙂

If you build any form of extensibility mechanism for IE, you should read his post.

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  1. says:

    hi michael, could i add you to my msn friends, i want to make a friend with you and talk about some technical skills. thanks

  2. Hi, Michael here. Every bug is an opportunity to learn, and the security update that fixed the data binding

  3. Microsoft explains how it missed a serious IE bug for NINE years or, as the company chooses to title

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