"How Do I?" Videos for Security

These are pretty cool - I'm a big fan of highly focused, short education like this... http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bb896640.aspx

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  1. alberto says:

    Well, I don’t know which videos you saw, but I just watched the one about SQL Injection (actually I haven’t even finished it), and I have to say I don’t like it at all. There are important conceptual errors (I counted 3 in what I listened) in what he says. I can’t believe this is on the security developer section on msdn. I hope this guy is not a coworker of yours (at least not a security guy). geez!

  2. Jason Stark says:

    Here is another site, with specific security related videos.  This one is more for the admin it seems, but various corporations and groups seem to be onboard.


  3. n0mad says:

    alberto – can you please list what conceptual errors you found instead of ranting about it?  If you know your stuff, maybe you should help the rest of us eh?  pompous arse, you’re part of the problem … geez!

  4. André Gil says:

    I like those kind of videos two. I’m currently only downloading them and keep them to watch someday (maybe on my vacation) as I don’t have much free time now.

    Anyway, one thing that really pisses me off is the numbering of videos. New videos get added at the start of the list, so they become #1, #2… and not at the end. ..

  5. alberto says:


    Your insults depict you better than me. 🙂

    What problem are you talking about?

    If I didn’t concrete about the exact issues was because it wasn’t michael who did that video, and I couldn’t comment on the video on msdn. Besides, I assumed he knows what I’m talking about. But if you show me some more respect, I can tell you what they are. Did you see the video before attacking me?

  6. Some SQL Injection examples on real sites:


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