Today’s Dilbert :)

Perhaps I should change my name to "Mordac"



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  1. EvilGuy says:

    The last frame appears to be spoofed.  The first two frames use all upper-case letters, but the last uses both upper and lower.  Someone pwn Scott Adams?

  2. Norton Security Scan , Symantec Corporation , 4.92 MB , 1.2.0 , 08/10/2007 , Windows/System32/Macromed/Shockwave 10 /Product name LABEL , gt Installation Package(*.msi)      answer?            

  3. My colleges and friends have already started calling me Mordac.

  4. Jason Burns says:

    Hahaha! That’s about how our security team is at work.

  5. HAL says:

    Hi Michael,

    Hi YP,

    You’ve been tagged to complete a meme to come up with 7 weird/random things about yourself. The rules are posted on my blog. Have fun!

    P.S.  I wonder when Dilbert starts taking on Vista!


  6. Timinator says:

    That last frame reveals why GINA is not supported in Vista.

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