Some of us won’t be at Blackhat

I am sitting at Austin airport about to catch a plane to Redmond to help a cadre of us deliver Windows 7 security training, and I just realized something. 

Yet again, and highly reminiscent of my post from last year, I won't be at Blackhat this year. In fact, here's a dirty little secret:

I have never been to Blackhat!

I really should go one of these years! Oh well, I guess the security training is wwwaaayyyy more important!

Comments (3)

  1. Eric Rachner says:

    Yes you have!

    I sat at the same table as you for lunch at a Black Hat event at the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle, back when they had a Black Hat Seattle.

    So, I think you mean to say, you’ve never been to a *Las Vegas* Black Hat event… 🙂

  2. Eric, you are absolutley right – I meant the BL in "Lost Wages" 🙂

  3. Kristian Jaeger says:

    I went to Shmoocon this Spring and it was very good.  I hope to go to BlackHat next year…

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