My Last Day in Redmond

Well, today is my last day in Redmond. It's pretty sad, but I'm really looking forward to being in Austin. It's been a long stretch selling the house, buying a house, dealing with builders (if you're considering building, let me know, and I'll give you some tips.) And then there's mortgage companies and movers and packers and schools and crying neighbors and utilities etc etc etc.

The upside is a change in lifestyle. My son sums it up nicely, "I get a pool? Cool!"


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  1. Michael Walsh says:

    You’re still working for Microsoft and will continue blogging, right?

  2. >>You’re still working for Microsoft and will continue blogging, right?


  3. Liang says:

    It’s fortunate that you are still working for Microsoft, really. Because I do hope Msft’s products is becoming more and more secure. And wo talents like u, can’t image how in-secure the msft’s products would be:)

    So, in short, it’s good that I can still read your articles on security!

  4. orcmid says:

    Buon viaggio!

    I have a long-time friend who moved to Austin last year and my sense is that they love it there.  There’s a lot to like about the University of Texas too.  I expect to hear that you are having fun.


    – Dennis

  5. Curious says:

    Does Microsoft have an office in Austin? What do they do there? Besides isn’t Austin too hot?

  6. Scott Marlowe says:

    Austin’s a nice town. Good luck there.

  7. John says:

    I’m in the UK but was talking to a friend in Austin last night. I have great memories of the city. It can get hot, and I know it’s growing and getting expensive to live, but I hope it’s stayed a little weird! If you like the Texas 2 Step check out the Broken Spoke.

  8. johnsc7 says:

    ps Last comment from John was from me 🙂

  9. there’s a lot of work involved when moving, good luck!

  10. lketchum says:

    Good Luck and Travel Safely!

    *your blog is great and a good resource.

  11. iainmcdonald says:

    hey matey boy,

    Hopefully you will be at blackhat & we can catch up there – bummer i didn’t see  you before you left & really rag on you for the Wallabies beating the All Blacks last weekend…

    best of luck in austin – if i don’t see you in vegas i’ll catch you there sometime.

  12. Majik says:

    I’m jealous.  I’ve been trying to get to Austin for two years.  Maybe this year….  😉

  13. Michael F. Angelo says:

    Well…  You are down here now?  Hmmm…  I need to go to Austin in a little while, want to grab a  cup of coffee?

  14. Hey Michael

    Yup, I’m here 🙂 email me!

  15. LinkDir says:

    Very good . You are doing a great job.

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