I’m moving to Austin!

At the end of June my family and I are moving to Austin, Texas. I’ll still be doing a lot of the same stuff I’m doing now, but from Austin rather than Redmond. I’ll really miss Redmond, but Austin offers an excellent opportunity; I’ll spend almost 100% of my time working with our partners, ISVs and OEMs.

One trend we’ve seen is attackers are moving beyond the core OS to attack the applications installed on top of Windows, and we have had many requests from large partners who build on Windows for help implementing SDL practices to help secure our mutual customers. We’ve already started down this path with our SDL book and our SDL workshop for OEMs (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3) but there is still much to do,

The best part of my new role is I get to work much closer with customers, and that’s always cool.

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  1. Rhys Kidd says:

    Good luck with this new adventure Michael.

    Will you be able to blog on the progress, concerns and techniques you use with ISVs as much you have in regards to general Redmond security?

  2. c says:

    Will you still be flying up to Redmond to give security classes?  I’ll miss "story time with Michael" 🙂

  3. Rhys, I will certinaly still blog on progress and such, obvioulsy, I’ll need to be a little sensitive to customers’ situations.

  4. c, a number of people have commented on "Story time with Michael"


  5. nickmac says:

    Well hopefully you are about for TR5, so us Kiwi’s can catchup for a beer!

  6. Phred says:

    Well, as both a long-time fan and a long-time Austinite I say welcome to the Home of the Armadillos!  Be sure to close the door after you get here, though (you’ll get this joke after you’ve been here a year or two.)

    Here is the local .NET user group: http://www.adnug.org/ and an informal Agile group called Agile ATX meets for lunch every other week and maintains a Yahoo group: http://rss.groups.yahoo.com/group/AgileATX/rss

    The Austin Software Process Improvement Network (ASPIN) is at http://www.austin-spin.org

    Again, welcome to Austin–the Live Music Capital of the World!

  7. Alun Jones says:

    Makes me wonder why I left Austin to come to Redmond.

    From my experience of three years ago, I’d recommend the Leander ISD over Austin, but I guess it’s all going to depend on where you have to work.

  8. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky says:

    Michael–You’ll be missed! On behalf of the Univeristy and my students, congratulations and stay in touch!

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