New Security Resources Available

These papers are aimed at IT type folks and non-technical users. Skip this blog post if you're a developer!

Protecting Clients from Network Attacks

Securing Remote Clients and Portable Computers

How to Configure Windows Firewall in a Small Business Environment Using Group Policy

Securing Windows XP Professional in a Peer-to-Peer Networking Environment

How to Configure Windows XP SP2 Network Protection Technologies in a Small Business Environment

How to Protect E-mail Confidentiality in Regulated Industries

How to Protect Insiders from Social Engineering Threats

Approaches to Fighting Spam in an Exchange Server Environment

Strategies for Managing Malware Risks

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  1. Nick says:

    And if you’re an SBSer and aren’t sure what value is added by using the Windows Firewall on clients (or are worried that you might break stuff), I just did a post on why it’s important – And why you need to allow port 135 from a management workstation on the Domain Firewall profile.

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