Some of us are *NOT* in Las Vegas!

I suppose someone has to keep the home fires burning! Seriously, it's great to see the Windows Vista presentations were well received at Black Hat 2006: Microsoft gets good reception at Black Hat. That being said, one of the advantages of half the team being in 'Lost Wages', is there's been very little email traffic, so I can get work done!

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  1. Everybody’s at BlackHat except me and apparently Michael Howard. I sort of figured that since BlackHat got bought out by the CSI people last year, that there’d be less people in attendance, but apparently that wasn’t the case…  Anyway, as

  2. I wish I was there.  A lot of my security bloggin’ buddies are there.  But at least I won’t have a hangover and will still have money in the bank next week!


  3. Michael,

    Trust all’s well. It’s been a while.

    Just wanted to congratulate on your new book and add that you guys are all heroes – keep up the good work!

    By the way, I recently blogged an entry titled "Microsoft’s Unsung Heroes" (at – thought you and other might enjoy it.

    Talk to you soon.

    Best wishes,



    Program Manager,

    Active Directory Security

    Microsoft Corporation  


  4. I am sitting at Austin airport about to catch a plane to Redmond to help a cadre of us deliver Windows

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