Interesting set of “Protect yourself online” articles

I just bumped into this while doing my morning, "what's going on on the 'net today"

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  1. Good link. I wonder if the articles are a bit too technical (& lengthy) for the folks most at risk, i.e. nontechies. I’m thinking it might be best as a guide for technical people who want to set up computers for their non-technical (click happy) friends & relatives. I can think of a few …. 🙂

  2. First, I would like to thank Michael Howard for noticing my articles. I love to write. Security is my regular work, both on and offline.

    I have written the series of articles called "Windows Security Checklist" for newbies up to intermediate users. But, thanks for calling them "techy."

    You would be surprised to learn that a huge number of users actually read, even lengthy descriptions giving them tips and pointers that will help them with their own stuff. A tremendous hunger exists on the Internet for articles in plain language that help demystify the functions and uses of computers.

    Let’s face it, most of the Internet is really for people who love to read. Most websites (how about blogs?) use written words, not just images, to communicate. I am doing my part to help where I can. I sure could have used this kind of online guidance 20 years ago.

    Best regards

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