Shell Extension for DropMyRights

A reader (hofi)  was kind enough to create a shell extension for the DropMyRights tool I wrote about in "Browsing the Web and Reading E-mail Safely as an Administrator."

Download HShellExtPack from and use 'Regsvr32.exe {/U} HShellExtPack.dll' to (Un)install.

Thanks, Hofi.

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  1. Michael,

    On december 10th I posted you a blog comment telling about program that I published on my blog (source and binary) that register itself as windows shell, and drop rights for Windows shell after logon adding systray icon that allows to start programs with different levels of trust. My comment didn’t get through your moderation (and that’s was a bit uppsetting to say frankly). Now I’m almost ready with next version of my tool that supports per-user configuration and more.

  2. Sorry, didn’t finish my prev comment – pressed <Enter> and it just went to moderation. Previous version of my program that I was talking in my prev. comment could be found here:,guid,79c17dba-9f6c-480e-a236-e11f671ca4bc.aspx.

    It takes DropMyRights several steps further, but I already wrote it in my prev. comment and my first comment on December the 10th.

    Can you check it? I’m sure you simply ignored it the first time I send my comment to your blog on December 10th. I’m not holding my breath so, you already ignored me before – I would not be surprised if you ignore me this time :-(.

    Valery Pryamikov.

    Security MVP.

  3. "Michael Howard discusses how you can run as an administrator and access Internet data safely by dropping unnecessary administrative privileges when using any tool to access the Internet."

    Perhaps this would be better worded as "access Internet data _more_ safely"? 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s a progress :-). My comment was accepted this time! 🙂

    Michael, I just wonder what was the reason that you didn’t accept my first comment from December the 10th on your DropMyRights post? It didn’t contain abusive language or profanity or anything that could be offensive in any way. I just tried to inform you about a free program (with source code) that I posted to my blog that develops idea of DropMyRights a few steps further. And I don’t believe that my comment from December the 10th could be interpreted as an advertisement or spam either… So, what is the criterion for a comment to get through your moderation?

    Hope to hear some response from you,


    -Valery (Security MVP).

  5. Kevin says:

    Unfortunately, that Shell Extension isn’t packaged very well. In particular, according to Depends.exe, it’s missing STLPMT45.dll and VCLX60.bpl.

    This following URL contains details on how to release a C++ Builder DLL in a stand-alone (statically linked) mode, which would be rather helpful I’d think. HOFI – any chance you could recompile and re-release?

  6. Hofi and Valery:

    I’d just *love* to see one of you tackle Arron Margosis’ "MakeMeAdmin" tool ( and turn it into a shell extension too. Think you might be able to do that?

  7. Hofi says:

    Hi Michael!

    First sorry for late response!

    Could you plz change the link to my page as because the freeweb server denies some type of direct access of pages.

    About Arron’s ‘MakeMeAdmin’ tool. I’ve read that article earlier and thought about just like you to make it also a shell extension, but as Valery mentioned may be it would be useless now, PLZ take a look at here:

    I think it would worth a little time 😉

    Thank you for your publications once again!!! Those are very usefull!!

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