Security issue of MSDN is out today

The annual Security issue of MSDN is out, and you should find a copy in your local book or magazine store. Or, if you like, you can read the issue online at


I wrote an article in this issue outlining a method to reduce attack surface, you can read it here I really believe attack surface reduction is just as important as security education, code reviews, threat models, coding best practice, better libraries, defensive methods (firewall, /GS, NX etc) security testing, fuzz testing and so on.

Why do I think it's so important? Read the article and find out πŸ™‚


Finally, you can look at back issues of the MSDN Security issues here:


2003 -

2002 -


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  1. Rory.Blog says:

    There’s a link to a very interesting over at Michael Howard’s blog commenting that the Security issue of MSDN is out today. The article linked from the posting is very interesting as well in that it talks about reducing attack…

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