Updated MBSA now available

Blurb from http://www.microsoft.com/mbsa:

New version, MBSA 1.2.1, needed for Windows XP SP2 compatibility: Users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 will need to update their MBSA to version 1.2.1 for compatibility with SP2 security improvements. Windows XP SP2 users who are running MBSA 1.2 will be automatically notified when they run the tool from the Start menu with an Internet connection.

MBSA is the free, best practices vulnerability assessment tool for the Microsoft platform. It is a tool designed for the IT Professional that helps with the assessment phase of an overall security management strategy. MBSA Version 1.2.1 includes a graphical and command line interface that can perform local or remote scans of Windows systems.


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  1. David Dows says:

    I just ran MBSA v1.2 on my Athlon64 based system with the Final version of SP2, which was made available for download to the beta users. I did not receive any notification that a later version was required or available.

    MBSA was able to run and issued the expected report. After downloading and installing v1.2.1, I got the same expected report.

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