My Daily list o’ Links

I was asked by a TechEd attendee which web sites often visit. I scan the following every morning, just to see if there's any little tidbits of useful stuff:

The I get stuck into email!

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  1. Andrew Dixon says:

    somehow signing up for just feels like asking for trouble.

    I notice no Microsoft sites there.

  2. Michael Howard says:

    You’d think I’d kinda know what’s going on inside Microsoft 🙂

  3. Shaun Fuchs says:

    I saw your speil on securty at teched nz and thought it was the most insightful one this year. Great work

    Also, are you able to post up the list of books mentioned in the last slide?


  4. Use <a href="">ActiveRefresh</a&gt; for scanning and spen your morning for something more usefull.

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