Microsoft Security Bulletin RSS Feed

From the “Well-waddya-know Dept.”

I just found out this morning there's an RSS feed for Microsoft Security bulletins. You learn something every day!

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  1. And it’s faster than the web page. Get notified, 1 hour later the actual web pages appear. I’m not sure if this is due to clustering and file replication or it’s just a fudge up.

  2. Microsoft’s Security Bulletins seem to have an RSS feed nowadays [via Michael Howard]…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Confessions of a G33k :: Microsoft Security Bulletin RSS feed

  4. Centaur says:

    Nick FitzGerald, a BUGTRAQ[1] subscriber, gives a rant[2] about the security pages at the Microsoft site.



  5. Michael Howard says:

    First Amendment! He can say what he wants!

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