Security in Microsoft Products – a chat with Mike Nash

Join me on Thursday (May 13, 2004 9:00am Pacific/12:00pm Eastern) in our monthly security chat with Mike Nash, VP of the Security Business and Technology unit, of which I'm a part.
The Chat room is at
And you can add the event to your calendar here:

We always get lots of great questions & comments at these chats, and it's great to see Mike actively involved. So come join us!

Comments (3)

  1. Keith Brown says:

    It’s ironic that if you’re running under LUA, the chat room doesn’t work. No message, no nothing, it just sits there. Works great if you’re an admin (it needs to install an ActiveX control), but clearly nobody tested it under LUA!

    BTW, Mike have you noticed that if you’re running LUA all the time, you are never notified that patches have been downloaded and need to be installed? With the window of exploitation shrinking so quickly these days, it seems like this should be addressed.


  2. Michael Howard says:

    Yeah – you have to download the ActiveX control first. Frankly, this doesn’t worry me too much – I really don’t want users installing full-trust/unmanaged code!

    As for running as LUA and patches – I’m running XPSP2, so I *AM* notified 🙂

  3. Keith Brown says:

    Awesome – glad to hear that’s been fixed in SP2.

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