Security Fix CD’s now available

Have your friends/family memebers/pets on dial-up connections take advantage of this freebie offer. Security-fix CDs available for Windows XP, Windows 2000, 98 and ME. Go to

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  1. Why is the date of these updates only as late as October? I always update people to yesterday. Its February now.

    Also why dosen’t MS plce it for FREE in chain stores like BestBuy, COMPUSA, MicroCenter, etc. so normal people can get it easily.

  2. Michael Howard says:

    Not sure why Oct, but my guess is at some point you have to freeze/stamp the CDs. And frankly, it’s still less for an end-user to download 🙂

  3. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    Why dont you make the ISOs of the CDs available for download. Meanwhile in the rest of the world we are sitting with 8 and 10mbit pipes to our homes.

  4. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    Will Windows 2000 SP5 contain NX just like Windows XP SP2?

    If not, why not?

  5. Anonymous CIO says:

    Ofcourse its not the be all and end all of protection but its one step that would greatly prevent buffer overruns which is a big problem and also why we have such NX technology in the first place, to mitigate such problems. I feel truly sad that you are just a troll.

  6. Anonymous CIO says:

    My issue is, if this is a technology that will help mitigate such risks and its being included in SP2 on Windows XP, I see no reason why it should not be included in SP5 on Windows 2000 as this is still in the support cycle and yes it would be tantamount to neglegance as its a known problem and a known solution to help reduce such risks. If you cannot see that I suggest you open the window once in a while and get some fresh air (assuming you do not live in a metropolitan area)

  7. Not so anonymous CIO says:

    Please stick to the issue at hand, and do not resort to name-calling.

    First, you describe it as a known problem with a known "solution" — known problem, yes, solution, no. There is no easy solution. NX support is just one of many means to the end.

    Secondly, given that NX is something which requires hardware support, and the only chips which currently support NX are the Itanium and AMD K8, I would hardly call it something that is currently useful for many people.

    Third, as with any change made to the OS, you always have to worry about backwards compatibility. Enabling something like NX has the possibility of breaking existing applications, e.g. those that do JITting.

    Fourth, as with any change made to any piece of software, there’s always developer time and testing involved to make sure you didn’t break something.

    Finally, rolling all these factors together, Microsoft is a business. And, just like any other for-profit business, it has to make decisions based on money, as I’m sure you do at your business. If they feel that in the long run, despite the above factors, adding NX support to Windows 2000 offers more potential profit than devoting their resources elsewhere, then I’m sure they’ll do it.

    I don’t know how many people will "refuse to deploy" future Microsoft products based on the lack of NX support — those are numbers that I’m sure Microsoft will need in order to make a decision.

    The reason I questioned your statement in the first place is because it means:

    1. Your organization actually has the high-end hardware required to take advantage of the NX flag.

    2. You are sure that none of your existing applications will be affected by such a change.

    3. The cost involved in moving to some other platform is less than that the potential damage caused by a buffer overrun.

    I don’t know the answers to these questions for your company. It just seems to me that all the factors I outlined above makes it hard to imagine that one could make a future deployment decision based solely on NX technology.

  8. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    Guess what, we run AMD 64bit server farms here. SO yeah, we do have the hardware support. Nothing looks funner than a troll trying to appear an intellectual.

    We have already taken the decision to reconsider deployment of future Microsoft platforms after Windows 2000 for a number of reasons 1) The new licensing 2) Always reacting rather than acting and this is just one example as as far as I am aware, NX will NOT be on Windows 2000 SPs yet its stilll in an active support cycle. Where is the support? Its not being fully committed to Windows 2000 in this case.

    Ofcourse its not "just" NX that is the factor here as you are just here to troll and look intellectual, I am not even going to bother wasting even more of my time with you.

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