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Long time no blog; we’ve been heads down here at Outlook Headquarters as we start thinking what’s next after Outlook 2007.  At the same time a portion of the team has been working feverishly to release the Outlook 2007 Performance Update, the answer to some of the performance problems that our customers have been seeing with Outlook and especially those with larger mailboxes on their computers. 


Here’s some more information direct from the development team:


The update incorporates a number of performance improvements and is designed to improve the general responsiveness of Outlook during common operations including reading, moving, deleting and downloading e-mail messages for users who have large mailbox files (.pst and .ost files) stored on their computers.  In addition, it contains a fix for a calendar related privacy issue, wherein delegates to a user’s calendar could potentially view calendar items marked as “private” when searching for items in the delegate’s calendar.  


 Customers who download the update may notice:

·         A decrease in the amount of time it takes to copy messages from one folder to another. 

·         An increase in the download speed when downloading multiple or large messages from the Exchange Server.

·         A reduction in the amount of time it takes to delete messages.


Microsoft also made an additional update available that addresses compatibility issues between the Outlook update and Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager.  Customers using Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager are strongly encouraged to download both the Hotfix and the patch.  Customers who prefer to receive both fixes simultaneously can wait to do so until they are delivered together in Microsoft’s automated customer updates in the near future.   


And here’s how to download it:


 I hope that helps make your Outlook 2007 experience even faster and more reliable. 


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  1. Hi Michael:

    Thanks for the comment on the BCM issue and the link for the patch. It was the first one I had seen.

    I had previously installed the Outlook update and was getting the BCM error messages. I wasn’t looking forward to tracking down the solution, workaround, KB, patch, prayer request, or whatever.  You solved all that for me and others in the same situation.

    Thanks again.

  2. Chris Warwick says:

    Outlook 2007 is great!  But since you ask…

    > "…as we start thinking what’s next after Outlook 2007"

    The biggest issue I have with Outlook is the fact that I can only connect to ONE Exchange server (in a single profile).  Multiple POP/IMAP etc, but only One Exchange.  I know this is an architectural change – probably tied in with all kinds of stuff in the background, but I regularly (every day) use e-mail on two Exchange servers and this is a real issue.

    Yeah, I know I could connect to one using IMAP (if I were allowed) but that’s not the point…

    Alternatively (but not as good) let me run two instances of Outlook concurrently with different profiles.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    to follow from Chris’ wish list…

    – +1 on the >1 Exchange profiles.  use my corp profile and also have my own personal mail on a hosted Exchange server. Bugs me both Outlook and Windows Mobile don’t help me with this.

    Most of my other wishes are around calendars

    – Auto-archive can’t be given rules (eg only auto-archive unread or un-flagged mails; only auto-archive when connected via high speed connection to a particular network share and not running on batteries)

    – My wife (using Outlook at home) can’t view my calendar and I can’t view hers (to make sure I’m not committing marital sin by agreeing to work late when we’ve got her parents coming round for dinner etc) – ideally seamlessly so I don’t have to try and open a dozen different windows

    – On the same note.. why when Outlook tells me there’s a conflict on an incoming appointment can’t I simply get a pop-up / child window to show me the conflict(s) and let me make a decision what I want to do

    but I’d like to see the RSS synchronisation (between IE7, 3rd party readers and Outlook) tightened up.

    OL12 is a great product (though I still have a fondness for Entourage!) – hope service packs and OL14 keep ahead of things like Chandler and Evolution (not to mention Thunderbird)

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