Top 10 Ways to Motivate a Geek

I couldn't resist posting about this article. It's a decent read and highlights some of the issues I see affecting us here at Microsoft every day. It's my first visit to the Retrospector's blog and I've already subscribed; another good read is the linked article on "how to become an early riser." I get chided on all the time because I'm one of those "sleeps four hours a night" people and am always up early, but after reading that article maybe its totally normal to do so.

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  1. Retrospector says:

    Thanks for the comments Michael.  With the recent popularity of the list, I’m amazed at how many can relate to it in their own work environments.  Much of my bitterness in my posts (which I actually try to hide as much as i can) comes from the super-sized corporate environments where the processes are driven top-down no questions asked.  I’m glad to see I’ve touched others in large organizations as well.

    As for being a morning person now, I’ve not maintained the realy early mornings as I thought I would.  I’ve still managed to be up and about by 6am 5-6 days a week though.  It’s helped me immensely in the last month or so.



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