Senator John Edwards

Extremely cool alert: Senator John Edwards is on stage.

Blogging, mediacasting, non-speeches, this is where America is going. What bloggers do is extremely important; it is up to the elected officials to promote net neutrality and 'fight for what's right?'. "Wisdoms of Crowds" (book recommendation). Edwards: why can't a party just say 'we are for universal health care'? Weasel words - stop beating around the bush and lets be fully behind our ideas. Politicians find it hard to be real and authentic - it is hard to shed the conditioning of 'sounding like a politician'. Edwards: the next President of the US will be the one who sheds their conditioning the best. He says it's hard to do that when you're under the lights of reporters and the media. I think it's a real fear; you can't control what the media does with your words and more often than not the media can contort them out of context.

The great thing about the Net is freedom. What level of the monitoring, if any, is allowed by the government? Edwards: is what Bush's administration does considering spying? Should we be spending more time and money on solving problems? Absolutely. Language should not control the election - the content is the primary concern of the people and the smart politicians are the ones who recognize that.

The conversational agenda has changed. Why not put a blogger on a bus with Senator Edwards and let them distribute the "Road Rules with Senator Edwards" podcast. The public sees everything and then picks out what is important, not what is spoon-fed to them (Edward's words, not mine J). How far are we from the reality show "I want to be the next President?"

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