Ready, Set, Publish! Internet Calendaring in Outlook 2007

Internet Calendar Publishing in Outlook 2007

I talked about Internet Calendar Subscriptions in Outlook 2007 in an earlier post. I would now like to talk a bit about actually publishing Internet Calendars. Internet Calendar Publishing in Outlook gives users the ability to publish personally-created Outlook calendars on the Internet, and start sharing them with others.

Publishing a calendar to Office Online

All you need to start publishing calendars to Office Online is a Windows Live ID (formerly Passport) account and your copy of Outlook 2007, and you are ready to go!

1. Right-click on the calendar you want to publish

a. Clicking “Publish My Calendar…” on the Navigation Pane will publish your default calendar.



2. Click Publish to Internet -> Publish to Office Online 

a. If you are publishing for the first time, you will be prompted to register for Office Online using a Windows Live ID.


3. Specify how you want to publish the calendar on the “Publishing Options” dialog.

a. Detail: You can choose among three levels of detail:

Availability Only: Will show information as Free/Busy/Tentative/Out Of Office
Limited Details: Will show the availability and subjects of calendar items
Full Details: Will show full details of the calendar items

b. Time Span: You can publish the whole calendar for non-default calendars, or choose a date range for publishing for any calendar.

c. Permissions

Unrestricted Access: You can choose to publish publicly, which enables anyone who knows the calendar address to subscribe to it.
Restricted Access: Publishing a restricted calendar lets you decide who will have access to it by sending out Sharing Messages to the users who will have access to the calendar with Windows Live ID accounts. 

d. Upload method: 

Automatic Uploads automatically pushes the changes on the publisher’s machine to the servers, updating the calendar on the server when the local copy changes. This works great with Internet Calendar Subscriptions, where the changes automatically trickle down to the subscribers.
Single Upload is useful when you know that the calendar information is static, and does not update as changes happen on the publisher’s side. 

4. Clicking OK publishes the calendar to Office Online.


After this step, you can send Sharing Messages to the users that you want to share your calendar with. For restricted calendars, this is a necessary step to grant access to others. I will be talking about Sharing Messages on a later post in more detail.


Publishing a calendar to a Custom Server

For users who run their own servers, Outlook 2007 enables publishing to custom servers running WebDAV in addition to the Office Online solution. Users who choose this option can still benefit from Outlook’s rich Internet Calendaring features by setting up an internal server and arranging permissions on the server so that only the authorized persons can subscribe to the published calendar.


Comments (11)
  1. Jennifer says:

    How many calendars can I publish?  Can I publish calendars with different levels of detail for different user groups?

  2. AdamB says:

    Have you guys thought about integrating the iCalendar Task-publishing and -subscribing extensions in Outlook?

    Seems pretty easy to do.

  3. AdamB says:

    Is there any easy way to just Publish certain categories? For example, if you wanted it to publish the details of your travel, but not individual meetings?

  4. TechieBird says:

    I just sent a link to a World Cup 2006 calendar to show my colleagues how cool this is – and noticed that when you paste a webcal:// link into a mail it isn’t automatically picked up as a link.

    I created a hyperlink manually, and it seems to work fine, but is this intentional or just an oversight?

    BTW, the concensus is that it’s *very* cool.

  5. Andrew Calvo says:

    I just found out about this feature yesterday, and played around with it for a little while, but I’m having two major issues, maybe you can point them out for me?

    #1 How do I find out what my internet calendar address is (its posted to office online) I cannot find the address anywhere on the new Office Online or within Outlook

    #2 After the first time you invite people to view your calendar, how do you add additional people? I do not see that anywhere.

  6. Ruth Cheesley says:

    I would also like to know how to access the internet calendar once it is online.  I’ve searched for the last hour on the office/2007 beta sites to no avail …. it really needs to be much clearer how to access them once they are set up!  Perhaps with a user area on the site or something?

    Otherwise, very impressed.  Useful tool for having my home calendar accessible while at work (if I can remember the url!)

  7. Jonas Flint says:

    Google Calendars. Reading the how on how to sync with google calendars disappointed me a bit. I think you should find a way to sync google calendars instead of using a snap-shot… This is the one thing preventing me from switching from thunderbird to outlook.

  8. Can Comertoglu says:

    An earlier blog post had talked about subscribing to Internet Calendars in Outlook. That post can be found here:

    I will be posting a short step-by-step manual of bringing in Internet Calendars into Outlook as subscriptions in the near future, which should provide a good overview. Stay tuned…

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