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I love going to concerts, but finding tickets to shows is often a pain - especially those that get sold out in a few minutes and you can't find anything on TicketMaster.  My friend Hernan is an avid concert-goer as well, and recently told me a of a great way that he used RSS in Outlook to help him get tickets to a recent show here in Seattle.  I'll let him explain...

"I wanted to go see the Ryan Adams concert but it was SOLD OUT. I went to Craigslist only to find many more ticket buyers than sellers. I wanted to make sure to be the first person to respond to a post without having to remember to check the site every 5 min.

RSS feeds to the rescue! From Craigslist, I subscribed to an RSS feed based on my query terms. Pretty sweet!

However, the key was being able to change the delivery to the location to my Inbox so I would see the post right away. (I never remember to check my RSS folders.) 

Sure enough, a few hours later I saw a post come into my Inbox, I responded right away, and had tickets to the show!

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  1. Craig says:

    I put together a way to do just that automatically. I put together a form that allows you to select a craigslist search and have the matching posts emailed to you as they are made. Check out


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