Outlook, RSS, & the user-agent string

One of our dedicated MVP’s, Patrick Schmid, reported in his post here that: If you provide an RSS feed for your blog, then there is a good chance that you use FeedBurner. FeedBurner is a great tool to get accurate statistics on how many subscribers an RSS feed has for example. Unfortunately, FeedBurner doesn’t count…


RSS & AutoArchive in Outlook 2007 – part 2

A few days ago I posted on how to use AutoArchive in Outlook 2007 to help manage the size impact of your RSS Feeds on your Exchange mailbox. One of the downsides to using AutoArchive is that there is no easy way to apply a defined set of parameters to a number of RSS Feed…


RSS & AutoArchive in Outlook 2007

The volume of content on some RSS Feeds can be very high. When you add more RSS Feeds to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, you might discover that the size of your Microsoft Exchange mailbox (mailbox: Location on a Microsoft Exchange server where your e-mail is delivered. Your administrator sets up a mailbox for each user. If…


new blog from the Vista Shell team

The Windows Shell Team has a new blog entitled “Shell Revealed”. From the site… Welcome to shell:revealed, the home of the Windows Client team. We’re the folks that build the core user interface for Windows and we love every minute of it! shell:revealed isn’t about Windows Vista, it’s about Windows. Many of the people on…


Beta 2 TR requires a new version of WDS

Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0 is a native component of Vista, and is being shipped separately as a system component for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users. WDS is a system service that indexes file, email and other content in order to provide fast searches over content and properties. It is an upgrade to…


RSS in Outlook – upgrading from Beta 2 to B2TR

With the Office Beta 2 Technical Refresh now live on the web, I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the best way to get your RSS feeds up and running after you upgrade. The B2TR installation is actually a patch that installs on top of the original Beta 2 and makes upgrading…


new Office Word team blog!

Check it out at http://blogs.msdn.com/microsoft_office_word/default.aspx.  It’s being written by Jonathan Bailor, a Program Manager on the Office Word team focusing on compatability of the new Word document format with previous releases.  Jonathan will be discussing everything from mainline scenarios that Word 2007 makes better to his thoughts on program management.  Check it out!


IWCenter podast

About two weeks I did a great interview with Shawn Murrary for his podcast on the IWCenter.  Shawn’s site is a fantastic source of information on Office 2007 and how many of the new features across all of the products will change the way information worker go about their day.  My direct podcast is located here, and Shawn keeps a repository of all…


Paul Thurrott review of Office B2TR

Another great review by Paul Thurrott over on the Windows SuperSite:  http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/office2007_beta2_tr.asp.  He’s got some great information on Outlook and talks specifically about the new Instant Search functionality. 



Figure 11. The GridView Theme has Been Added to the App_Theme Folder Rename the GridView Theme to DataWebControls (right-click on the GridView folder in the App_Theme folder and choose Rename). Next, enter the following markup into the GridView.skin file: <asp:GridView runat=”server” CssClass=”DataWebControlStyle”> <AlternatingRowStyle CssClass=”AlternatingRowStyle” /> <RowStyle CssClass=”RowStyle” /> <HeaderStyle CssClass=”HeaderStyle” /> </asp:GridView>