Last week found me braving the Grand Rapids, Michigan summer (heat! humidity! sun! loved it!) to attend my first CAST. While I propped it a couple years ago, I didn’t actually make it until now. The short version: CAST is awesome, conference proceedings will soon be up at so you can see what you missed,…


I’m A Twit!

I’m on Twitter now; @humbugreality if you’re interested. No promises whether I’ll post there more frequently than I am currently doing here; so far I’ve twittered two jokes and am wondering what to say next. Judging from the tweets I’ve seen, Twitter seems to be a combination Facebook + instant messaging tool where friending someone…


Sometimes Sausage Making Is Beautiful!

Seeing Microsoft from the inside, I often don’t understand what is going on. Sometimes, however, it’s just beautiful! Recently I discovered that VPN no longer worked for me, so I dropped by Security to see what was wrong. Therein ensued a journey of frustrating details, one I am still working through. This evening I emailed…

I’m Stressed!

David Treadwell once advised me to take a job where I knew what I was doing about fifty percent of the time and would be completely clueless the rest of the time, because that would be a good balance between comfort and extreme learning. Alan Page says to find the steepest learning curve. I’ve managed to…


My Very Busy CPU

Hmmm…I start a build and all eight of my cores gets busy – what’s up with that? <g/>


The New Guy

My first week on Windows Phone went great! Not that I did much of anything other than set up my new computer (eight processors! 6GB RAM! 1.3TB HD!), figure out how to build and run product and test code, and start getting acquainted with my new team. My primary focus for the next year or…


2010 is going great for me! 2009, on the other hand, was the sort of year I wouldn’t wish on anybody  – and that I wouldn’t give up for anything. The amount I learned about myself, why I do things the way I do, and what I could do about it – and what I…


Snow In Seattle On April Fool’s!

It is snowing here in Seattle today, 1 April 2009. Mum Nature evidently has a sense of humor!

Testing Curiosity

What drew you to testing? What keeps you here? What would cause you to leave? I fell into testing by accident. Autodesk needed testers for a new version of AutoCAD, I had registered copies of AutoCAD, they asked if I was interested, I said “Oh yeah!”, they sent me test builds, I sent them bugs….


Back In The Saddle Again

One reason I have not blogged these last two months is that my wife took ill and I haven’t been at work. She is home now and I am getting into the swing of work again. Another reason I have not blogged these last two months is that I have been doing some in-depth sorting…