Last week found me braving the Grand Rapids, Michigan summer (heat! humidity! sun! loved it!) to attend my first CAST. While I propped it a couple years ago, I didn’t actually make it until now. The short version: CAST is awesome, conference proceedings will soon be up at so you can see what you missed,…


Book Review: Mistress of Molecules

Last fall Jerry Weinberg sent me a review copy of his scifi novel Mistress of Molecules. I pretty much read it straight through, and then didn’t blog for six months so never posted my review. So here goes: I enjoyed it! Although I guessed the major plot points and some of the details well ahead…


My Very Busy CPU

Hmmm…I start a build and all eight of my cores gets busy – what’s up with that? <g/>


Snow In Seattle On April Fool’s!

It is snowing here in Seattle today, 1 April 2009. Mum Nature evidently has a sense of humor!


So You Want To Work For Microsoft…

Several people have emailed me recently asking for tips on getting through their upcoming interviews at Microsoft. My advice: Be Yourself. I believe this is the most important tip I can give you. I find that how someone fits (or does not fit) with my team is much more important than what they profess to…


CASTing For Participants, Part 2

Some months ago I posted about CAST 2008, how it’s not your typical conference, how gobs of Smart Testers will be attending, and how you probably should attend too. The program is up now, and it’s a doozy! Jerry Weinberg is presenting the opening keynote and also an all-day tutorial on communication and interaction models. Cem…


It’s A Live (Mesh)!

A year ago I joined a team building a top secret project. Today we threw off our invisibility cloak and revealed ourselves as as Live Mesh. Come on over and browse around. Subscribe to our team blog, where I’ll be posting from time to time. Then come back here, for two important reasons: We are…


I Don’t Think That’s Exactly What They Meant, Exactly

A hotel I was in recently had a toilet: I found that sign over the toilet rather interesting: Um, I can think of at least two other things which are going into their septic system!


AYE – Amenities

The conference hotel was one of those every-room-is-a-suite places. I found having an extra room helpful even though I wasn’t in my room much. The hotel food was standard hotel food which I didn’t bother eating. (A healthier menu with organic ingredients next year please!) Fortunately an organic grocery store was less than thirty minutes…


AYE – Friday

Friday I recuperated from the week of brain stuffing, intellectual and emotional stimulation, and long days by motoring up to Sedona, where I processed my week (and wrote this) with the assistance of an energy vortex or four.