Mohan Sagar’s Favorite Bug

I am working as a SharePoint QA. We developed the Status Reports project. It is basically used to collect the weekly status for all the projects. You are allowed to submit the status for any project only if you are a member or owner of that particular project. Each project has a project category dropdown list. We successfully deployed it into production and got some change requests. After changing some functionality, I tested it in the dev environment and in production as well. But the real users were getting errors when they were trying to submit status for some projects. I just verified it in the dev environment, it worked well but in production it is still there. I started testing it in the production environment thinking the issue is with the production site.

Every time I have to follow below steps while testing in production:

  1. Edit the Project list item and add myself as a Project Member/Owner
  2. Submit the status
  3. Remove my name after testing

I followed the same steps for the project for which the users were unable to submit status but I didn’t get any error.


Actually the issue was, during the recent deployment in production, the developer messed up the Category field because of which the category had become empty for some of the projects. I could not catch this issue even though I tested in production as every time, I edited the project list item to add myself to the Project Member/Owner, then as the category is a dropdown list it defaulted to “X”, that “X” category was assigned to that particular project, and I didn’t get any errors while submitting the status.

After a detailed analysis I found it.

-- Mohan Sagar


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