Talking Clocks

We have a set of clocks counting down the time until our next big milestone, one where all the testers are, one by the devs, and one by PM. I just noticed that they tell a story:

  1. PM reaches the end of the milestone first;
  2. Dev reaches it next;
  3. And Test reaches it last

Isn't that how it always seems to be when it comes to software development?

Comments (3)
  1. Raj says:

    very true 🙂 its FIFO (firt in first out principle)

  2. ronpih says:

    Do you think it should be different?  If so, how?

  3. Ron: It *can* be different – lots of teams have proven, and I've seen with my own eyes, that product code and tests (run both manually and via automation) can come in at the same time. And in my experience, the closer testing is to dev the better off everybody is.

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