My Very Busy CPU

Hmmm...I start a build and all eight of my cores gets busy - what's up with that? <g/>

Comments (5)

  1. Miha Markic says:

    Excellent! I mean that your build process is using all cores. What IDE is that?

  2. Gergely says:

    Maybe it’s because the build is so awesome 🙂

    But be aware that it could be some resource hog, because frankly, occupying 8 damn cores… that’s got to be wrong.. 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    The computer engineer in me wants to know whether there is enough cache and memory bandwidth to keep those CPUs fed or whether they are spending significant time stalled waiting on access to the main memory bus :-). But still, it’s a cool picture!

  4. Miha: No IDE; the screen shot is of a Win7 Gadget I found online.

  5. Gergely: I explicitly tell my builds I have 9 cores (i.e., one more than I really have), based on the experience of others on my team who say builds run faster that way.

    Andrew: No idea, but they seem to run at full speed for quite awhile!

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