John’s Favorite Bug

This particular one is more of a hardware defect than a software defect but it’s a good story nonetheless.   I was working at a major company that had just gotten into the PC business.  This was early in my career.  We had been shipped a prototype of their new computer that was about to…


Stressing The Matrix

Recently I saw a way to describe any particular stress test that I liked: First, define the sets of qualities you care about: Input Execution entry point Resources Validation for example. Next, define the qualities within each set you are interested in; maybe: Input Concurrency of operations Data quality / noisiness Load / frequency of…


Denise Signer’s Favorite Bug

Earlier this semester my capstone (= senior project) group wanted to print a 30-page Word 2007 document we’d been working on for a couple months. After struggling with the ink and paper issues of two printers, we finally held the document in our hands. But while we flipped through it, we noticed that two pages…


I’m Stressed!

David Treadwell once advised me to take a job where I knew what I was doing about fifty percent of the time and would be completely clueless the rest of the time, because that would be a good balance between comfort and extreme learning. Alan Page says to find the steepest learning curve. I’ve managed to…


My Very Busy CPU

Hmmm…I start a build and all eight of my cores gets busy – what’s up with that? <g/>


How To Increase Your Chances Of Surviving A Microsoft Interview

I’ve talked with several people recently about how they can increase their chances of making it through their upcoming interviews at Microsoft. After noticing definite patterns in their questions, and in my answers, I decided to record them here where they may help a broader audience. I’m so nervous! Yep! In my ten-plus years here…


The New Guy

My first week on Windows Phone went great! Not that I did much of anything other than set up my new computer (eight processors! 6GB RAM! 1.3TB HD!), figure out how to build and run product and test code, and start getting acquainted with my new team. My primary focus for the next year or…